NJ Nissan Dealer Route 22 Nissan Holds a True Sign and Drive Event

One dealership is making it easy on NJ Nissan customers to simply sign and drive off in a brand new Route 22 Nissan vehicle for much less than what competitors are offering.

WEST HILLSIDE, N.J. – NJ Nissan customers who want the least amount of financial roadblocks in their path to lease or purchase a brand new Nissan vehicle need only shop at one dealership, Route 22 Nissan. The dealership is offering a True Sign and Drive Event.

“Our True Sign and Drive Event means just that,” said Joe Gorr, General Manager of Route 22 Nissan. “All you need is a pen to sign, and you can drive off in a new vehicle. In reality, you don’t even need a pen because we’ll provide it. You won’t need to make any down payment, pay any taxes or fees, and you won’t see any hidden costs, just the low price of your vehicle.”

NJ Nissan shoppers looking to lease the Nissan Sentra will find it for only $99 per month with $0 due at signing. The Sentra may also be purchased for as little as $11,898. The Nissan Altima may be purchased for as little as $14,898 or leased for only $199 per month with $0 due at signing. The Nissan Rogue is available for $17,390 or a lease of $229 per month with $0 due at signing.

“We also welcome our customers to write their own deal,” Mr. Gorr added. “Our prices and promotions are already the lowest in the area, a fact that greatly upsets our competitors because they can’t compete. We’ve even been asked by the factory to stop pricing our vehicles so low because other Nissan stores are unable to match or surpass our pricing. We will never stop this policy of having the lowest pricing in the area regardless of what anyone says to us, except for our customers. We always welcome our customers to write in their own offers on any of our vehicles, and if their offers are reasonable, we’ll honor them.”

The True Sign and Drive promotion also includes free maintenance with every NJ Nissan vehicle. Route 22 Nissan shoppers will also find hundreds of quality pre-owned vehicles with more than 400 to choose from on the Route 22 Nissan website. Buyers may find used cars such as the 2007 Nissan Maxima SE for only $319 a month, the 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan for only $269 per month, a 2008 Chrysler 300 Touring Sedan for only $247 per month and much more.

Customers of Route 22 Nissan will always find the dealership has the pricing advantage over other dealerships, especially when it comes to the Nissan Sentra, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Altima and Nissan Rogue. Sentra buyers will be pleased with the starting price of $11,898 or lease price of $99 for three and a half years. The Altima is selling for as low as $14,898 or leasing for only $199 for 3.5 years. The Rogue may be bought for $17,390 or leased for $128.88. The Nissan Maxima 3.5 is available with a lease of $198.88 for 3.5 years or with a purchase price starting at $23,850.

All customers of Route 22 Nissan are given exemplary service and support. Find out why Route 22 Nissan is in a class of its own. For more information about great new and pre-owned vehicles available at Route 22 Nissan, visit http://www.route22nissan.com/ or call 800-430-4209.

Route 22 Nissan sells a lot for a little, not a little for a lot. Customers have many choices at Route 22 Nissan, which proudly serves NJ Nissan drivers with exemplary customer service and delivers all the latest Nissan models in addition to unsurpassed pre-owned vehicles to buyers in New Jersey. New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware neighbors routinely make the trip to Route 22 Nissan for big savings. No reasonable offer will be refused on any new model, certified pre-owned and other used cars available at great quantities.

Route 22 Nissan is conveniently located at 399 Route 22 West in Hillside, N.J. 07205, four minutes past Newark International Airport.


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